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Artist News

Jose Serebrier

José Serebrier

GRAMMY-winning conductor and composer José Serebrier is one of most recorded classical artists in history. He has received thirty-eight GRAMMY nominations in recent years.  

Marco Parisotto

Marco Parisotto

"A decade ago this Montreal native made some impressive guest appearances with the Montreal Symphony Orchestra. Oshawa and Ontario are lucky to have him."
Ontario Philharmonic,  National Post, 2011


Kornel Wolak

“Control and a smooth, elegant expressivity are what make Wolak shine”
John Terauds, The Toronto Star

The Wolak Clarinet Extravaganza features the Art of the Clarinet. 


Haiou Zhang

''to call him brilliant would be an insult. He was the finest pianist I have ever had the good fortune to hear - it truly was an experience no one who attended will ever forget!"
Michael Grit - General Manager, Richmond Hill Centre for the Performing Arts, Canada. May 2012


Christina Petrowska Quilico

"Quilico may well be the weaver of the history of the contemporary piano concerto, and her recent CD, Tapestries is the latest thread...recognized as a champion for the piano music of our time her commitment to presenting these mammoth works with cohesion and clarity is unprecedented"
Heidi Wall, Kitchen-Waterloo Record,   June 2012.

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